The number of those who seek work from home is increasing at a staggering rate. Reasons can be found in the heavy toll companies put on their employees, comuting time and distance, travelling expenses, low wages, etc. We can suspect that the main reasons is one's desire to be independent and work on his/her terms. The human being was created to socialize, to grow and expand from within the family citadel. The actual paradigm alienates the individual and turns him in nothing more than a "resource". No wonder this individual tries to get out of the "human resources" system and to use his own resources. The best way out is to work from home. Some of these ways out jobs are presented in the below article.

Work From Home Jobs - 10 Best (and Real) Work-At-Home Jobs |

Searching for jobs you can do from home used to be a matter of scanning the Sunday classifieds for offers to get rich quick by stuffing envelopes. Now, exposure to at-home employment opportunities has exploded, and a wide range of job ads are just a mouse click away. But so are the scams. In 2007, when The Rat Race Rebellion began tracking at-home jobs, there were 30 scams for every legitimate opportunity. Now, with 4,500 to 5,000 work-at-home job ads screened weekly, the website finds 60 phonies for every one that's for real, says Christine Durst, co-founder and principal of Staffcentrix LLC, the company that owns and manages
Nevertheless, there's no shortage of people who dream of beating the odds and earning a living from home. Durst, whose company Staffcentrix develops home-based and virtual career training programs, says people interested in work-at-home jobs primarily are:
  • Parents who say they want to spend more time with their children.
  • Trailing military spouses who, according to Durst, by virtue of their spouse's career need to pick up and move every few years.
  • Retirees needing supplemental income.
  • People with disabilities.
It's difficult to be a good parent and simultaneously work well at home, says Durst, because most jobs require blocks of uninterrupted time to accomplish tasks, and children's schedules are less than predictable. For those who do choose to walk the tightrope between paid work and parenting, consider deadline-oriented work. Durst says it's generally better for those with younger children than schedule-oriented hourly work. Consider these 10 jobs -- some rather traditional and others unexpected -- for interesting at-home work and good (if competitive) prospects.
10 good stay-at-home careers
  1. Virtual assistant.
  2. Medical transcriptionist.
  3. Translator.
  4. Web developer/designer.
  5. Call center representative.
  6. Tech support specialist.
  7. Travel agent.
  8. Teacher.
  9. Writer/editor.
  10. Franchise owner.
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If by any chance you feel that the above work from home suggestions can change your approach towards how you act in this survival paradigm, then you might want to start implementing them. Share with your friends!